Designer Spotlight from The Clothes Maiden July 07 2014

Thanks to The Clothes Maiden for a lovely piece about our collection: 
Designer spotlight: Catherine Aitken
Who’d have thought that the laws of physics apply even to fashion? For every action there is an equal and opposing reaction. The backlash against mass produced clothing and accessories is undisputedly the resurgence of the heritage brand. 
A growing number of discerning shoppers are looking for a product unique to them; something with a story that will accompany them for years to come and build up a treasury of memories along the way. Something that they really own and becomes theirs, not everybody else’s too. Cue Catherine Aitken. 
Practical and functional, Catherine’s handbags and manbags are full of personality thanks to her use of Harris Tweed. Hand woven herringbones, overchecks, tartans and jolly mottled twill provide generous inspiration for a tactile collection. 
Whether to keep your treasures safe in a Hepburn backpack as you stroll around a county show or tell the board you mean business by pulling your pristine files out of a shocking pink no nonsense Messenger, the personal touch is ubiquitous. The Munro and the Shackleton manbags have an oldle worlde look but are compatible with hi tech hi spec needs of the man about town and country. 
From concept to final piece, craftsmanship plays a big part in the brand’s Edinburgh studio. From the shearing of the sheep to the waxing of the cotton to the construction of the actual item, everything happens on Scottish soil. The integrity of the process results in a collection not just rich in texture but also individuality. 
The fittings and finishes are not a necessary afterthought but rather an intrinsic part of the product. Waterproof linings and custom shapes will keep smartphones and tablets safe from harm and rain. Quality triumphs throughout and the absence of brash branding is a breath of fresh air when aggressive marketing is the order of the day. 
If you are looking for bags of heritage, Catherine Aitken is your designer and if you long for something totally unique then check out the Renaissance line which re-and-up-cycles Harris Tweed jackets.
Avery Parker