Catherine began her working life as an office junior for Jackie Magazine at DC Thomson in Dundee - her home town - working on the Cathy & Claire page. This was a bit of an education for a sixteen year old!  Realising it might take a few years to graduate to the editorial side, Catherine hopped off to travel the world eventually landing in a TV company in London. Fast forward a few years and a return to Scotland, Catherine worked in the Scottish film and TV industry, producing documentary, TV drama and features as well as developing and editing screenplays. A mid career pivot found her setting up an accessories brand and over the 20 years it ran, was very successful, combining the designing and making of bags etc., with working in TV and film. 

In 2019 The History Press asked her to write a book - Artisan Edinburgh (still available on Amazon) - and this led Catherine to her first forays into fiction.

The Liberation of Bella McCaa is her debut novel and was published in January 2024 with fantastic reviews. Her second book the romantic comedy, Just One Weekend, will be published in the summer. Catherine now lives in Leith, Edinburgh but still travels home  to Dundee often. She loves films as much as books and when not writing can usually be found in the cinema. Catherine still works in the film and TV industry and enjoys moving between all her different creative mediums. 

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