Throughout my career as an accessories designer I was very lucky to have my designs featured in various magazines, blogs, newspapers etc. 

Now it's the turn of my author hat and below are some articles and links about me and my books that you may find interesting if you enjoyed The Liberation of Bella McCaa. 

From Sunday Mail Heather Suttie's Book Column 23rd June 2024

Next is The Courier Magazine - I'm from Dundee so I was so delighted when they decided to feature the book and my local background on 2nd June 2024.

Big thanks to Michael Alexander at The Courier. Here's the link to the full article:

The wonderful journalist, podcaster and great lover of books Heather Suttie picked out The Liberation of Bella McCaa on her Radar, part of her Sunday Mail book column. So happy to be featured - thank you!. Check out Heather's The Book Alchemist podcast as well as her Bookface Sip & Swap Facebook page - fabulous events with authors and also a great stop for book reviews.

'Bella' has also been featured in various newspapers - click on images to see articles: