The Liberation of Bella McCaa, my first novel, will be officially launched in January but is available on Amazon already as an e-book and paperback. HERE

When you want to change your life but life wants to change you.

When Bella McCaa is released from ten years as sole carer to a very demanding mother, she’s desperate to leave Dundee and pick up the threads of her once high-flying career in London. Fifty-two isn’t too late to start again, is it?

But fate, and family, intervene, and rather than speeding South in her trusty Mini, Bella’s plans go awry and she finds herself living far from friends, facing an empty bank account and urgently in need of a job. London and reclaiming her life seem more distant than ever.

To complicate matters further her first love, Jem, strides into town – handsome, successful and stirring up a tempest of emotions. But Jem’s arrival is also the catalyst to unearthing long-buried secrets, shattering Bella’s view of the world and making her question everything.

Can Bella negotiate a whirlwind ride of unexpected curveballs, love and second chances to find a happy every after on her own terms?

Here's what some early readers have said:

'It was funny, tragic and uplifting all at once. I couldn't put it down.'

'Realistic and romantic with great humour.'

'I burst into tears at the end, I was so moved.'

'Joyful and hugely entertaining.'

'Riveting, honest and uplifting.'

This book has been a labour of love for me and I'm delighted that early responses have been so positive. So if you fancy a heartwarming story about a middle-aged menopausal woman navigating life and love - then this book is for you. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading about the new book.