TIME FOR CHANGE IN 2021 December 17 2020

This has been some year for everyone, all across the world.  And it also seems to have been a time for reassessment, change and new directions.  I've been lucky that I've been able to work all this year and been kept pretty busy with orders and the charity masks.  But this year also gave me a chance to reflect on my business and I've decided it's time for change!  I've been creating handbags and accessories for 15 years now, most of them working with Harris Tweed but it's time to look at new creative directions.  

So, besides looking at new materials and ways to work in craft, I'm also looking back to my roots in the film industry -  especially my experience in script development and editing. I've always had a love of story and having worked with so many writers over the years I thought I'd like to try my hand at it too.  

I wrote the factual book Artisan Edinburgh - now happily available on bookshop.org https://bit.ly/3bGLcmB  And a few years ago a friend and I co-wrote a fiction book which was a tremendous learning curve and really enjoyable experience.  I also had a bash at a short film script last year and it won a prize!  These things spurred me on and I'm now on my way with my first novel.  Who knows what the end result will be!  But I'm really enjoying the process.  

So I'm taking a few months off to try a few things and I hope you'll come back in April to see what's new!  By which time I aim to have some new designs to show and a first draft of a book that I will no doubt have to immediately start rewriting.  

Thanks so much or your custom and support for this small business and I hope I can bring you new beautiful handcrafted designs in the near future.  And perhaps a book for you to read!  

All best wishes for a safe and secure 2021.

Catherine Aitken