NOT LONG NOW... February 11 2022

...until the clocks change.   Well, it's about six weeks.  I don't know about you, but I always find this time of year really difficult.  Evening though the days are getting longer, it just doesn't happen quick enough.  Christmas and New Year is over and all I want is to be at the end of March, with spring in the air and in my step.  

It seems ungrateful to be wishing time away, especially after the last two years we've all had.  So it's lucky for me that I can hide in my studio and make, and design and dream.  It truly is my happy place and I am extremely fortunate that my work gives me such pleasure.

I enjoyed creating the Isles Leather collection (now restocked after selling out over Christmas and New Year) using the wonderful hides from Muirhead Leather but I miss my Harris Tweeds too, so the latest collection of accessories combines the two in a range of Explorer Messengers in pink, blue and Loud Macleod (don't you love that name?). More to come soon.  

The new tweeds I've bought are very traditional: the classic grey herringbone is so adaptable and goes with anything; the sand overcheck - more often seen in a jacket but versatile enough to transition between work and play and the beautiful dark green/brown toned country check can fit in anyone's wardrobe.

Brights will play more in the collection later in the year.  But while we're facing the dark mornings I find these traditional patterns and tones comforting to work with.  I hope you like them too.  For now we appreciate the blue skies and fresh mornings when they're here and can look forward to early dawns in the not too distant future.