Besides the main Collections, I also offer a Bespoke Service.  This is where you can have the Collection designs customised especially for you - a specific tweed, a longer strap, extra pockets, different size etc. - personalisations that will create a unique variation to the original. 

The two main designs currently available for personal customisation are the Hepburn Backpack and the Explorer Messenger.  If you're interested in either of these styles, just email me at and I can send you more images and information about them.  There are also wonderful collections of Harris Tweeds out there and we can send links for you to make a choice.  

The Hepburn price ranges generally from £165 - £195 depending on exactly what you would like.   

The Explorer is from £125 - again depending on what you would like.  


You may have seen in the past my Renaissance Collections created from vintage tweed jackets?  Then why not get a new bag made from a jacket or coat that's lurking in your wardrobe, loved but unworn for whatever reason.  Breath new life into something that you have an emotional connection to.  I've been commissioned to make bags out of skirts and trousers as well as jackets - just email the details and we can take it from there.  Prices are generally from £165 for one of the bigger bags like that shown below - but it does depend on what you want and it could be a simple smaller style and that would cost less.

Renaissance Munro Bag from a vintage Harris Tweed jacket: 

Vintage Harris Tweed Jacket Bag

Renaissance Munro Bag created from a client's trousers: 


Whatever your bag is - why not get in touch - - and see if it can be made especially for you.