The National features our new Wristlet Clutch... March 11 2016 a double page spread also featuring the new Voyager Hip.  

harris tweed handbags

With Spring and Summer slowly but surely creeping round the corner, we've introduced new season designs that will brighten up even the dullest of days. Our Wristlet Clutch makes the perfect grab bag for those on the go, available in an array of colour pop brights and traditional tweeds.

The Voyager Clutch/Messenger also gets a new season update - the Voyager Hip - which can be worn round the waist with an adjustable belt - the perfect accessory for summer festivals!

harris tweed handbags


Edinburgh based fashion photographer, Alistair Clark, has captured our pieces beautifully and reveals how well they stand out and their versatility.    Our new collection has also been featured in a double page spread for The National and really showcases what our brand is about - producing a “wow” factor for our customers!


 harris tweed handbags wristlet clutch voyager hip