CHANGE IS COMING... October 16 2023

After celebrating the twenty year anniversary of my accessories brand - and being shocked that twenty years had gone by so quickly - I've decided it's time for change! 

Coburg Open Studios and Christmas 2023 will see the end of the accessories brand and time for me to branch out and try something different. The past few years I've been running the brand part time as I dabbled back in the film and tv industry. My love of story has never left me and after being commissioned by the History Press in 2019 to write Artisan Edinburgh - a non-fiction book that was the culmination of interviews and studio visits with some of the city’s finest makers - I got the bug for writing and a short film script led me to writing a novel - The Liberation of Bella McCaa. It's taken a long time to get here but the book will be launched officially in January! But it's already available on Amazon as e-book and paperback.

Click here: The Liberation of Bella McCaa

You can also read more about the book here.

I'm on the final draft of my second book and have a full outline for the third, so the bug hasn't left me and it's a creative outlet I'm enjoying so much, I want to devote more time to it. 

I've also been enjoying creating collages - there's some on the website now and there will be more in the future and it may well be that products might be developed from them, but no more of the handmade Harris Tweed collections and working with gorgeous tartans, waxed cottons and mohairs - the stunning cloths of Scotland - that have given me so much pleasure over the years. So it's a bittersweet farewell to accessories but it's time for change and something different and I'm so lucky to be able to do that. 

I was the typical child who always dreamed of being a writer and at 16 I found a job on Jackie Magazine - the Cathy & Claire page no less - as an office junior. Now there was an education! But I then followed a very circuitous route through the film and TV industry to accessories, back to the industry and eventually to writing.  Thanks so much to all of you that have been with me on this journey with accessories, thanks for your custom and support and shared love of Scottish cloths. The path to this point has had incredible highs (and lows, as everyone who runs their own business knows) but mostly it's been an adventure and I'm now ready for the next one.

I hope some of you may stay for news of the book's release and to see what happens next. Until then here's a picture of a 16 year old me being the sad girl on Jackie Magazine's Cathy & Claire page, dreaming of being a writer.