NEW YEAR NEW BOOK January 28 2024

My debut novel The Liberation of Bella McCaa is out in the world and the reviews on Amazon have made this new writer extremely happy.  If you've bought the book and if you've left a review, it's much appreciated and has spurred me on to write book two - Just One Weekend. This is a full out romantic comedy with Scottish characters and mostly set in New York. It should be available by the summer, we're finalising the publication date soon. My protagonists are once again middle aged - there's not enough stories featuring this age group of characters and I'm writing what I want to read. 

What can you expect from this website? Well, there will still be some accessories, it seems I can't actually stop making and was bowled over by some vintage kimono silks I found online and snapped up. Several years ago, I created a collection for the British Museum from these amazing fabrics and I'm looking forward to designing another small range of beautiful bags, limited edition and entirely unique. And yes, there will be some Harris Tweed! Clearing out my studio, I found a pile left so to use it up, I'll be making some Zero Waste pencil cases and small bags. 

I love films as much as I love books and a week rarely passes without a trip to the cinema, so I've decided to do a review section too - watch this space.  

There's a new sign up for the newsletter - this is for book and film news, and the occasional mention of accessories, if there's any. 

If you have any questions for me, or want to get in touch, then please email me at, it would be lovely to hear from you. 

More news in February - I can't wait to get to the end of January - always the worst month for me - but we're nearly there. 

Catherine x