A NEW WAY OF WORKING... February 19 2019

There's a new collection online and it also reflects a new way of working for me.  I've decided to concentrate entirely on small limited edition collections and bespoke.  In a mass produced world where we can all have the same my customers seem to really appreciate something a little bit different.  

I'm working on some entirely new designs for the summer with lighter fabrics but in the meantime, we've created a limited edition collection of bags and backpacks that incorporates much more leather than before.  Beautiful, soft, supple leather used on the reverse of the new Hannay style, which is really an update of the Explorer.  And stronger fabulous Italian leather on the base of the Rambler Rucksacks and Hobo Handbag.  

I want to pay more attention to the fittings, incorporate interior zip pockets in all the bags and keep the strength and simple classic styles - I hope you like them!  Bespoke is also still available so if you're looking for one of my designs but would like it in a different colour, size or add a few customised elements, then please get in touch at info@catherineaitken.com - I'd love to hear from you.