SOMETHING NEW! November 09 2022

You can probably guess from the Zero Waste Collection I enjoy collage work.  It's a hobby I've had for a long time and recently I  made them available to sell at Open Studios and they went down really well.  So much so that I decided to get some prints made to put online and promote in the Coburg Gallery. 

Collage is such fun to do, and quite therapeutic after a busy day, to sit down and cut out all these different images and colours and then find ways for them to connect and tell a story. 

I also love using die cut scraps, the kind of thing I played with as a child and I'm working on a collection using them  just now.  But for the moment, the ones that drew most attention at Open Studios are the ones available online.  These are top quality giclee prints on high quality paper and the tones and textures have come out beautifully. 

You can view the ones currently available by clicking on Daisy below...