This is a question we get asked a lot!  Harris Tweed is a stunning handwoven cloth -  the only cloth to be protected by an Act of Parliament - woven on the islands of Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.  You can read all about the provenance and history of the cloth here


The cloth has had a resurgence in recent years but many people still think it's hard to find and difficult to come by.  The Harris Tweed Authority - guardians of the precious orb and promoter worldwide of the tweed - have been doing such a sterling job of telling the story of the tweed, enthusing about its amazing qualities and generally banging the drum across the globe about it.  So the answer to that oft asked question of where do you buy Harris Tweed is - many places!  The great thing is that weavers are still weaving for the mills, but there are many small suppliers working away on their looms and in their crofts independently and you can buy directly from them.  

You may have seen my recent post about the tweed supplied by Crotal Bragar.  You can see their website here: www.crotalharristweed.co.uk.  Stunning single width herringbones, barleycorns and checks in traditional and more contemporary colourways.   

I've also had bespoke cloth supplied by Catherine Amor and this is the key element of working directly with an independent weaver, is getting something that's just for you.  Catherine is at Shawbost Weavers and their details can be found here.   Shawbost Weavers also created the cloth that I worked with on Judy Murray's collection.  A fabulous purple and green based check, the colours of Wimbledon of course - and this collection is sold in Andy Murray's Cromlix Hotel.  

Judy-Murray-Harris-TweedJudy with a 'Wild Stole' created by Catherine Aitken especially for Sports Personality of the Year Awards ceremony and our Kate Clutch in Judy Murray Harris Tweed.  

I've also worked with Donald John Mackay at Luskentyre.  His cloth  is so beautiful and much of it mirrors the wonderful landscape that's just outside his window.  His work is much in demand having become almost the 'face' of the Harris Tweed weaver and has many fans visiting him at his croft, either to buy tweed or to interview him for television or radio.   Or just to take a wander on Luskentyre Beach - which has to be among the most beautiful in the world.  

donald-john-mackay-luskentyreDonald John as his loom.  

You can also visit Harris Tweed Hebrides website where they have a small selection of the tweeds they produce at the mill to purchase online.  Minimum purchase is only one metre.  

So rather than being difficult to find, we must celebrate that Harris Tweed is becoming popular throughout the world, bringing new weavers into the industry and enriching the local economy.  And it's only a click away.  For lovers of Harris Tweed, this is great news - especially for me as it has grown my bespoke service over the years, just because there are so many tweeds available and I can give customers just what they're looking for.  Thank you Harris Tweed!

Check out the bespoke service here: